Italian Interactive media artist, Paolo Scoppola, and renowned jazz pianist, Danilo Rea, collaborate on SoundMorphosis, a dialogue between two artists through a journey of musical and visual art improvisation.

A grand piano, a digital console and a large screen wraps around the stage. Danilo Rea sits at the piano, concentrates and begins to improvise. The notes come out of the piano and turn into coloured signs on the screen. Paolo Scoppola observes them, modifies them using the console and sends them back to the musician's eyes to stimulate his imagination. Thus begins a complex dialogue between the two artists, a journey through a series of improvisations, both musical and visual, each with its own character but linked by the constant desire to discover the deep relationships between the language of sounds and that of images.

Presented in collaboration with:
Istitutp Italiano di Cultura logo
A silhouette of a digital face in blue and red dots.A digital drawing of white lines forming a transparent illusion. A digital illustration of blue and red texture. A digital illustration of a warm red and orange swirl with a rock-like texture in the background.
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