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Digifest is an annual festival on digital creativity that brings members of the creative community together to showcase and
explore the creation of works in emerging technology and interactive art.

Under the theme, Phygital, this year’s online event will be held on November 19 and highlight projects that can be experienced in the physical |digital space. As the world surpasses a year of the global pandemic, we are seeing the emergence of variations of online spaces and platforms being used in the creation and exhibition in disciplines such as art, design, music, dance, fashion and culture.

Digifest teams up with Italy’s MEET | Digital Culture Centre to showcase and connect projects and audiences between Toronto
and Milan.

Call for Submissions

Under the theme Phygital, we are inviting proposals from artists, creators designers working in digital formats to present or exhibit virtual art work

Call for Presentations / Pre-recorded Content

Get involved this year and share your knowledge around a particular topic related to physical / digital space. Selected presentations will be held at Digifest 2021 on November 19 in an online format or as pre-recorded content.

Call for Art Work

Showcase your art work that can reflect: a collaborative online project or creation, content created for different online platforms, virtual exhibitions that are inspired by the physical world or an imaginary world, virtual artwork designed for a virtual space, online performance, online generative art, etc. This Call for Submissions is open to international projects, emerging artists and designers as well as content creators. The outcome of this process is a selection of projects which will be shared at Toronto's Digifest 2021.

Submissions close October 1, 2021

Submissions Deadline: October 1, 2021


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