Thursday May 8th

  MAY 7 | THURSDAY All festival sessions will occur at Corus Quay  (25 Dockside Drive)MORNING8:30 AMRegistration9:30 AM  FUTURE15 TALKS (A series of idea-packed 15 minute talks at Digifest)FUTURE15 Keynote Speaker: Chris Eben, The Working GroupThe Path to a ProductDiscover what it takes to turn an idea into a successful product and get inspired to take action. Chris’ entrepreneurial journey has taken him from Toronto to Silicon Valley to London and back again. He’s built teams for startups and with large corporations, and learned some valuable lessons along the way about building successful products. Hear his story and get inspired to pursue your own ideas.AFTERNOON12:30 PM   Opening remarks12:35 PM    Opening Keynote Speaker: Dr. Steve Mann, University of Toronto / Meta makers of Space GlassesPriveillance + FUNdMeet the “Father of Wearable Computing”, Steve Mann, whose work as an artist, scientist, designer, and inventor has made Toronto the world’s epicentre of wearable technologies dating back to the 1980s. Priveillance, a concept Mann has developed through his inventive work, unites ideas of privacy, surveillance and sousveillance; while FUNd, unites fun and funding. Steve’s talk will share his approach to invention, exploration and funding.Don’t miss the 2015 Digifest Digital Media Pioneer Award ceremony as we recognize Dr. Mann on May 82:15 PM Privacy Impact Panel: Leak, Crawl, Creep: Privacy TodayModeratorNicole Bogart, Global NewsPanelistsSukanya Pillay, Canadian Civil Liberties AssociationChristopher Parsons, Citizen Lab, University of TorontoNandini Jolly, CryptoMill TechnologiesOver the last 40 years personal information has expanded from discrete elements like a social insurance number, to now include every piece of stored or transmitted data our devices produce. This expansion of how we can be known, and by whom, is triggering a new social contract between government, industry, and people. This panel will explore the changing landscape of personal privacy from a legal, practical and design perspective.3:30 PM     Closing Keynote:  Foteini Agragioti, ArchitectPrivacy by DefaultForget about privacy as an add-on setting. How about embedding it in your design? Privacy doesn’t sell. Businesses may spend millions of dollars on reactive measures for privacy breaches, but fail to be proactive. Privacy-by-design challenges the dogma that labels privacy an “unnecessary trade-off”, and establishes a way to embed privacy into the core of product design.4:30 PM IT’S A START Pitch Competition6:30 PM Reception


Friday May 9th

  MAY 8 | FRIDAY  All festival sessions will occur at Corus Quay  (25 Dockside Drive)MORNING8:30 AM Registration9:30 AMFUTURE15 TALKS (A series of idea-packed 15 minute talks at Digifest)FUTURE15 Keynote Speaker: Benoit Labourdette, Filmmaker (France)AFTERNOON12:00 PM Best of the Best Student Showcase AwardsParticipants in the Best of the Best Student Showcase are tomorrow’s leading designers, artists, developers and innovators. This exhibition features projects from students in their graduating year and introduces their work to an audience of local and international leaders in the digital industry.12:30 PMOpening remarks12:35 PMKeynote / Meet the Media Guru Speakers: Arthur and Marylouise Kroker, University of VictoriaSurveillance Never SleepsJoin Arthur and Marylouise Kroker, leaders of Canadian media theory, on stories of drones, DIY bodies, and uncanny robots. They will share stories of dreaming with drones, dark singularities, DIY bodies, and robots trekking across the uncanny valley.1:30 PMFuture of Digital Currency PanelModeratorJesse HirshPanelistsRoya Mahboob, Citadel Software Company & The Women’s Annex Foundation, New York/ AfghanistanAnthony DiIorio, DeCentral, TorontoWhat is Bitcoin? What is a Bitcoin ATM? How is Bitcoin being used in Toronto and around the world in places such as Afghanistan?  Join Roya Mahboob and Anthony DiIorio, two serial entrepreneurs, for a discussion with Jesse Hirsh, a broadcaster, researcher, and Internet evangelist, as they explore the opportunities digital currencies have provided their businesses.2:30 PMKeynote Speaker: Patricia de Vries, Institute of Network Cultures (Netherlands)The MoneyLab Project: Considering Digital Economic Forms in Times of CrisisThe MoneyLab research project of the Institute of Network Cultures aims to critically explore and map the politics of alternative digital-economic forms such as crowdfunding and digital currencies. Patricia de Vries will present some of the key findings of the MoneyLab Crowdfunding Toolkit, and the MoneyLab Reader, both part of the research project.4:00 PMPresenter: Felix Kubin, Electronic Musician (Germany)4:45 PM Digital Pioneer Award Ceremony: Dr. Steve MannThe fourth annual Digifest Digital Pioneer Award will be honoring Dr. Steve Mann, a researcher and Professor at the University of Toronto, in recognition of his career as a life-long inventor and teacher.5:30 PMReception


Saturday May 10th
Intel Family Day

10:00 – 4:00

  MAY 9 | SATURDAY Family Day   

All festival sessions will occur at Corus Quay  (25 Dockside Drive)

All Day (10:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

Startup Market

Pleasure Room Exhibition

Best of the Best Student Showcase Exhibition


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Workshop #1)

Drone Photography and Videography with Benoit Labourdette, Film maker (France)

Learn how to capture stunning aerial shots with a drone! Get an introduction on tools available for beginners and see demonstrations by professional photographers/filmmakers. You will learn basic skills for controlling the drone and lining up the perfect shots, flight preparation, navigation and more. Each registrant will get their own drone as part of the workshop fee.

Fee of $119

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM (Workshop #2)

Designing for Smartwatches with Brian Pullen, The Working Group

Smart watches are the premier devices in the growing category of wearable computing. As this category grows it has the potential to become as impactful as mobile phones before it. We will explore what types of applications work best along with how to build great user experiences for this emerging and diverse set of devices.


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Workshop #3)

Digital Privacy at Home with Zach Aysan, Venn

The Internet is quickly replacing other forms of media and communication – how do different groups use the Internet to gain or hide information and how will that change over the coming decades.